RSCDS - 2023-2024 Events

RSCDS-BB Ball 2024

The RSCDS Breton Branch (RSCDS-BB) is organising its second International Ball:

  • Dates: from Friday 13 to Sunday 15 September 2024,
  • Venue: Josselin (Morbihan),
  • Teacher Day School: William Williamson, Outgoing RSCDS Chairman,
  • Music: Strathallan.
  • Organisation: please click here.

Registration by clicking here!

Dance List

William Williamson taught by William Williamson at the Day School on Saturday, September 16, 2023.





Welcome to the RSCDS Breton Branch website


Where is the beautiful region of Brittany?

Brittany is one of the 23 administrative regions of France, situated at the extreme West of the country. (On this map it is coloured green, and bears the Breton flag).

The capital is Rennes. Brittany consists of 4 departments:

  • Côtes d’Armor (22),
  • Finistère (29),
  • Ille-et-Vilaine (35),
  • Morbihan (56).
La Bretagne

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But for many years Brittany also laid claim to a 5th department in the South: Loire Atlantique, which is now part of the Pays de Loire.

Les 5 département bretons


The 9 Breton provinces

Historically the afore mentioned departments were subdivided into 9 provinces. From West to East:

  • Léon,
  • Cornouaille,
  • Trégor,
  • Vannetais,
  • pays de Saint-Brieuc,
  • pays de Saint-Malo,
  • pays de Dol,
  • pays de Nantes,
  • pays Rennais.
Les 9 pays bretons

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The Breton flag (Gwenn ha du)

The flag was created by a French architect who was active in the Breton movement.His name was Maurice Marchal, known as Morvan Marchal ,and he was born in Ille-et-Vilaine in 1900.

The symbols:

  • The ermine tips represent the Duchy of Brittany.
  • The 9 equally spaced bands represent the 9 ancient Breton areas:
    • 4 white bands: Cornouaille, Léon, Trégor et Vannetais,
    • 5 black bands: Pays Nantais, Rennais, de Saint-Brieuc, de Saint-Malo et de Dol.
Le drapeau breton


Breton Tartans

Richard Duclos (of the Maison du Kilt in Paris) who was originally from Plouray in the Morbihan created the national Breton tartan in 2002.

Since then other designers have created tartans for each of the 9 areas based upon their respective flags.

Les tartans bretons


Scottish Country Dance Breton clubs

There are 10 SCD clubs in Brittany that are easy to locate on a map of OpenStreetMap. To identify them, click here.

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