The RSCDS Breton Branch (RSCDS-BB) warmly thanks all the sponsors for their generosity, which allows us to organize a high quality weekend.
If you too would like to help the Breton Branch in organising this weekend, you can help us with a donation by downloading the RSCDS-BB Rib here. Don't forget to then write to  

M. Calum HARKISS, Business Development Manager of Currencies Direct

29 rue Glatinier
56120 Josselin (Brittany, France)
tph: +33 (0) 641 441 427
tph: +33 (0) 631 559 607
email :
website: https://www.currenciesdirect.com/en/

Our trusted partner Currencies Direct are a multi award winning currency company and have kindly sponsored our weekend celebration. For anyone who requires to pay for accommodation etc in Euros then you can open an account for free with them using this link or speak direct to their Regional Manager Calum Harkiss at

By using this system, you will be able to transfer money without incuring bank charges.


They will also be publicly launching their new Mastercard debit card which can be used worldwide to perfect for France, Spain, Portugal, US or anywhere that accepts Mastercard. The public card launch is scheduled for the end of April although anyone opening an account just now can apply for the card. This is perfect for anyone coming over for our event as you'll be able to use the card here and avoid those expensive bank charges and also ensure that you get a much better exchange rate.

M. José CAVERO, Artist Spanish origin

1 rue Saint Jacques
56120 Josselin (Brittany, France)
tph: +33 (0) 663 998 058
website: https://josecavero.wixsite.com/artistepeintre/english

José CAVERO has a permanent exhibition in Josselin in his studio in the rue Saint Jacques.

José has produced three works in sanguine (red chalk) showing Scottish dancers and has kindly donated them to the Breton Branch; this pictures will be offered as prizes in a raffle during the ball weekend.

Stéphanie MATÉOS
Karton Breizh boutique

12 rue des Vierges
56120 Josselin
tph: +33 (0) 681 926 422

Karton Breizh is an Art de France’ workshop and boutique where furniture and objets d’ Art are made using recycled cardboard and are offered for sale.

The use of cardboard for making these objects is a craft recognised since 2015. All the articles offered for sale are unique, conceived and made entirely by hand in France by Karton Breizh.

Courses for making furniture or creative workshops for interior decoration are held regularly. You will be introduced to the methods and the materials thus giving you knowledge of a craft which to date is little known. Courses are open to children from six years of age (decorative objects), to adults  and to children accompanied by a parent.

Pictures: https://www.facebook.com/KartonDeBreizh/photos

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